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Can Solar Panels Withstand Storm Damage?

Curious about the ways solar panels could improve your home? Such enhancements can work wonders to boost value and energy efficiency while reducing consumption-related expenses.

The benefits of upgrading to renewable energy are numerous, but a common question posed to roofers in Columbia, MO, is: will they withstand harsh weather?

Let’s examine how well roof-mounted solar panels stand up against elements like rain, hail, and wind.

Hail Storms

Solar panels are designed to endure hail storms. The equipment is typically tested for hailstones of up to an inch wide, although they’re sometimes manufactured to be even stronger.

High-performance panels are constantly being improved to better resist hail storms. Professional roofing companies in Columbia, MO, can advise on the most damage-resistant options for your home.

High Winds

Panels today are built to withstand extremely high winds. They’re equipped to face speeds of 100-140 mph; that’s roughly equivalent to those of F2 tornadoes and category 4 hurricanes.

Properly installed arrangements can be counted on to endure high-speed winds. Always rely on a trusted Columbia, MO, roofing company to deliver quality products and top-tier installation.

Strong Rain

Will rain damage solar panels attached to your roofing in Columbia, MO?

In short, no. Because they’re designed for outdoor use, solar panels for your roof are totally waterproof and extremely unlikely to be harmed by heavy rainfall.

With expert roofers in Columbia, MO, in your corner, you can rest assured that shortages and moisture won’t be a concern. Instead, you can welcome heavy rains as a natural spray wash that can actually improve your array’s performance.

Lighting Strikes

It’s technically possible for panels to be struck by lightning in a storm, but other items are a lot more likely to be hit and harmed, such as controllers and inverters. For this reason, roofing companies in Columbia, MO, must always securely ground the system for effective lightning protection.

If you have additional questions about grounding solar panels for lightning strike resistance, don’t hesitate to contact local, reputable roofing companies in Columbia, MO.

Top-Quality Components

Preserving the longevity of solar panels is essential to getting the most out of them for years to come, and it begins with excellent product selection and unbeatable installation, including grounding.

If you’re interested in a weather-safe, long-term investment that can save you money and lower both your energy costs and your home’s carbon footprint, preferred roofing companies in Columbia, MO, can help you select the most durable, highest-rated products.

Solar Panels: a Reliable Upgrade for Your Roofing in Columbia, MO

With such compelling merits making solar an increasingly popular home upgrade, it’s understandable to wonder how modern panels will perform during a storm.

The best solar panels can withstand virtually all harsh weather. However, this depends on having them installed by first-class contractors.

Proper installation will minimize the impact it has on your roof, complete with inspections and warranties, for guaranteed reliability for years to come.

When carefully installed by a Columbia, MO, roofing expert, solar panels are a superb, reliable, eco-friendly upgrade to your home!