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Taking care of your roof can extend its lifespan by many years. However, knowing what service it needs depends on the type of damage, which is why it’s always best to call expert roofers in Columbia, MO, for an initial inspection. Wear and tear calls for different treatment than storm damage, while a 20-year-old roof will need different solutions than a brand-new one.

Here’s a guide on inspecting roofing in Columbia, MO, and what to do next.


Can you perform the inspection yourself? If you’re comfortable climbing safely up a ladder, you can check the state of your roofing in Columbia, MO. This might help identify the damage and let you know it’s time to enlist professional help.

Even if you’ve noticed some damage, it’s worth contacting roofing companies in Columbia, MO, for a full inspection rather than trying to fix it yourself. Working on a roof is dangerous, and you can do more harm than good by trying to repair or replace cracked shingles without expert knowledge.

Once the Columbia, MO, roofing company has assessed the damage, it’s time for action.


Here’s a breakdown of when to repair, patch, or replace the roof. Your trusted roofers in Columbia, MO, will offer a full assessment after their inspection.

1. Repair

Repairs are often required after a storm or if your roof has suffered impact damage from a falling tree branch. This involves removing and replacing damaged shingles but can also extend to gutter repairs and fixing chimney flashings. These repair jobs are usually relatively quick – they might take 1-2 days.

Other cases when you’ll need to repair your roof include:

  • After a fire
  • If it’s not been serviced for several years
  • Due to improper installation

You should contact local roofing companies in Columbia, MO, for an inspection if you need roof repair.

2. Patch

Patching and repairs sometimes go hand-in-hand. Patching is typically required if your roof is leaking. It involves repairing or patching the underlayment, your home’s main line of defense against water damage. Torn underlayment can be patched, but roofers will often need to replace nearby shingles as well.

Patching sounds easy enough. However, because it also requires you to work with shingles, we recommend always contacting a reputable roofing contractor if you’ve noticed a leak or drafts in your attic.

3. Replace

The final case is a replacement. This is necessary if your home has suffered significant damage or your roof is very old. Even a well-maintained roof doesn’t last forever, but you can get an extra ten years out of it with regular inspections and maintenance from roofers in Columbia, MO.

Replacements aren’t cheap, but your roofing company will let you know if it’s the best option. Sometimes repairs just don’t cut it.


If you’ve noticed damage to your roof, or it’s been a while since you booked a Columbia, MO, roofing inspection, it’s time to reach out. Get in touch with your local contractor today and book an appointment.