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DIY Roof Replacement vs. Professional Roofing Replacement

Those shingles are showing their age and desperate for a replacement. You may have started learning about what replacing entails, including thousands of ins and outs and tips & techniques. And if you’ve received some large estimates, you may be considering a DIY project.

The cost of replacing is high, but there is a justification. The cost of replacing increases with the amount of labor necessary, the cost of the supplies, and the environment. However, does this mean that the solution for your Columbia, MO roofing replacement is to get it done on your own? Perhaps not.

We will go over the specific pros and cons of do-it-yourself replacements for roofing in Columbia, MO vs. going with professionals in this article. This way, you can make an informed choice about what may be best for your home.

DIY Replacement 

Pro – Save Money

Doing the roofing job yourself will save money because you won’t need to pay for any labor. When you hire one of the roofing companies in Columbia, MO, your costs will vary depending on materials, how long the job takes, etc. With DIY, you’re only paying for materials.

Con – Safety

When working on your replacement, the risk of injury increases dramatically. It’s unlikely that you have experience of doing such a dangerous job.

You need to consider if you can keep yourself safe. If not, saving money on Columbia, MO roofing projects is never more valuable than your safety, considering the potential severity of injuries.

Professional roofers in Columbia, MO, understand the work environment and know how to mitigate the hazards a replacement brings. Without the necessary skills, tools, and safety equipment, roof replacements are better left to the pros.

Con – Technical Knowledge

There is a big difference between fixing your roof and replacing your roof. You can’t just research the internet and decide to replace your roof. Durable, reliable results come from years of experience in the industry.

Professional Replacement

Pro – Guaranteed Quality and Professional Work

A professional team of experts will get the job quickly and efficiently. Also, you will get quality work done that is guaranteed.

Because of years of experience doing roofing in Columbia, MO, contractors can sometimes do a replacement in a single day. And the replacement is usually protected against any defects caused by workers with a warranty.

Pro – Property Damage Isn’t an Issue

Because of all the risks involved in a replacement project, property damage can quickly occur. Fortunately, professional roofing companies in Columbia, MO, have years of experience caring for and cleaning your property. Compare this to if something goes wrong from a DIY project, your insurance company is unlikely to accept your claim.

Con – Cost Involved

You will have to pay more when hiring a contractor in Columbia, MO. However, you will save more in the long run because you know you won’t have any issues to deal with from a poor installation.

Which One is Better?

Because of the complexity of a replacement, it’s better to go with the professionals. So before you hop up on that ladder, give a roofing company in Columbia,MO a call.